Existing Routes

There are already thousands of Mayagüezanos who enjoy efficient, safe, and convenient transit service.  Click here for more details of the routes in your area.

Future Routes

Our commitment is to expand the success of TIM to additional areas in Mayagüez.  For more information and to see our plans to improve the TIM system, click here.

Final Results

Click here to download the final Mayagüez Transit Study Results.

A Connected Town

“Increasing the mobility and accessibility of thousands of mayagüezanos with an integrated transportation system that is reliable, secure and cutting-edge will not only improve the quality of life of our people, it will also transform Mayagüez into an accessible and vibrant city.”.

escudomayaguezJosé Guillermo Rodríguez Mayor

The Title VI Civil Rights Law of 1964 prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, origin or nationality in programs or activities that recieve federal funding. The Federal Transit Administration requires that TIM not discriminate in it’s public transportation service. If you feel that yourself or others have been discriminated against please contact the Legal Division of the Municipality of Mayagüez at 787-832-1381.

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