BRT Systems

The MTS is focusing on bus rapid transit (BRT) service.

BRT is a high performance public transportation service that aims to combine bus lanes with stops, stations, vehicles, and high quality service to achieve a similar quality of service compared to a light rail system with the flexibility, cost, and simplicity of a bus system.

Among the benefits of BRT are:
  • Does not depend on traffic congestion, therefore complies with established schedules (they are more punctual) and offers less travel time.
  • Fewer stops. Buses from the BRT systems operate within the lanes, only stopping at designated stations.
  • Short stops. Successful boarding and alighting of dozens of passengers in short periods. BRT System allows passengers entrance and exits simultaneously through both doors of the bus.
BRT systems consist of the following characteristic features:

Vehicles: With greater variety of sizes and heights and a configuration of the interior (seats and doors) for boarding and alighting, better internal circulation and to maximize the capacity of seated and standing users

Exclusive lanes: BRT can operate in a broad variety of physical and functional environments, yet segregated and dedicated are preferred. This allows a fast and reliable service and guarantees operation in shared lanes.

Stops, Stations and Terminals: These will have an ideal distance of 1½ miles between stops, permanent, weather protected, passenger information and amenities, a secure, well-lit and a clear identification system, reflecting its identity.

System Identity & Image: The system will have its own graphic identity in vehicles, stops and stations and aisles with colors, signage, materials and graphics system distinctive.

The BRT system is used with great success in major cities in the world, carrying millions of passengers on time and in a safe and convenient way.

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