Route 1

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Route 1 runs a length of half a mile, from City Hall to Martínez Nadal Street, with several strategic stops along the way.

Points of Interest

  • Palacio de Recreación y Deportes
  • Recinto Universitario de Mayagüez (RUM)
Route 1 Stops


Trolley Route


Service Monday through Friday – 7am to 6:30pm

  • R1-1
    Main station (City Hall), in front of Cape Air
  • R1-2
    Balboa, in front of Mr. Special
  • R1-3
    Blaboa, in front of Garaje Toro
  • R1-4
    Palacio de Recreación y Deportes
  • R1-5
    RUM – Pinos Street
  • R1-6
    RUM – Las Palmeras Street
  • R1-7
    RUM – Los Coabos Street
  • R1-8
    Calle Martinez Nadal (frente al Palacio de Recreación y Deportes)
  • R1-9
    Calle Martinez Nadal (frente al Parque de los Próceres)

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