Frequently Asked Questions

TIM stands for Transporte Integrado Mayaguezaro or Mayagüez Integrated Transit System, a collective transportation system that serves the center of the city of Mayagüez, including the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus and an additional route that connects El Maní sector and its surrounding areas with the Urban Center throughout PR-64.
Starting summer 2015, the System will have additional routes to the rural zones and a route to the southern sector of Route 102. These routes will offer thousands of citizens from Mayaguez the comfort and convenience of having a safe and accessible system that address their transportation needs.
Currently, the Municipal Government of Mayaguez is working on the establishment of a Collective Transportation System known as the Mayagüez Transit System, which will include a “Bus Rapid Transit” (BRT) component.  This system will modify and amplify the existing routes in the TIM system, providing more access and collective transportation opportunities to the thousands of people who live, work, study, and visit our City. 
BRT is known worldwide as the Bus Rapid Transit System. This system is a collective transportation service of great efficiency whose objective is to combine the bus lanes with bus stops, stations, branded vehicles, to obtain the quality and service level of a light train or a metro system with the flexibility, cost, and simplicity of a bus system.
The funds for this project will come from a grant from the Federal Transportation Authority as part of their “Small Starts” project. Also, the Municipality of Mayaguez will contribute a proportion of the required funds for the capital investment.
The Municipality of Mayagüez is working to include additional routes to the services provided by the Integrated Transportation of Mayaguez and be able to serve the rural areas of Mayagüez throughout the Municipality’s coastline. These routes will include Roads 108, 106, 105, 348, and 102 South. With these new routes, more local citizens will be able to run their errands, do their shopping, work, and study. Click here to view the routes.
Since 2004, the municipality of Mayagüez has been conducting a series of studies to improve the alternatives for the city’s public transportation, mucho more than the existing trolley system, as part of the preparation for the Territorial Ordinance Plan of Mayagüez and the implementation of the Mayagüez 2010 project. The “Study for Planning and Viability for the Public Transportation Corridor for the Central District of Mayagüez” was completed during the years 2004-2007. During the “Mayagüez 2010” Central American Games, an innovative and successful public transportation system was implemented using buses, but of a temporary nature and specific for a sports event. Later, the Integrated Transportation System of Mayagüez (TIM) was formalized and after that initiative, the local government determined it was prudent to begin the “Mayagüez Transit Corridor Alternative Analysis” with the aim of preparing a funds application for the FTA “Small Starts” program.
The present technology allows this level of information and precision to be provided. However, its implementation will depend on the capital investment associated with said systems. The routes, schedules, and additional information will be available on the webpage which has a mobile-friendly version and possibly a smartphone app in the near future.
Alternatives are currently being evaluated so the service can be as accessible as possible for all.
Yes. The system will comply with all dispositions and laws for passengers with disabilities.
In addition to a series of studies on traffic and population density, the comments and suggestions of the community are key for the development of this project.

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